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A HUSBAND & WIFE TEAM, a small family business with Jason and Deborah Leader have created a platform for the community to experience group consciousness, and to offer a variety of healing modalities and classes, inviting students and clients to open their hearts to new spiritual practices, and welcome health, happiness and balance into their modern life styles ! 

Their passion and goal is for everyone to experience a very intimate and personal internal transformation, leaving you in a state of heavenly bliss! It is Our privilege and honor to facilitate and encourage you on your path to discovering your highest potential, self-awareness, feeling your best, and committing to self-love!!!!! Here at Buddha Bella we offer a sacred & safe space for kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, mantra, meditations, sound healing, ancient ceremonial rituals, healing circles, satsangs, chanting, sadhana, aromatherapy/intuitive bodywork, reiki, as well as Sunlighten Sauna, Cold Plunge tub, and The LIGHT STIM BED. 

We also created this space for inspired visionaries/healers/ teachers/facilitators passionate about sharing and expressing their Gifts to repair the damage of all the fear-based consciousness in our world. You can contact us for more information on renting our shala, with prices and requirements! We welcome you with an open heart and open arms; together, we can raise the vibrations and elevate our consciousness; through discipline and sacred playfulness, we can awaken our abilities to rejoice in living!

“ Be the Lighthouse “ - Yogi Bhajan 

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