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Meet Brandi, Medicine Woman

Introducing Brandi, Buddha Bella's in-house medicine woman, offering ATMAN Healing Services & Skin to Spirit on-site. With a diverse skill set, Brandi stands out as a functional medicine practitioner, registered nurse (RN), Kambo practitioner, herbalist, and nutritional counselor. Immerse yourself in Brandi's transformative journey as she extends her expertise through ATMAN Healing Services & Skin to Spirit. Discover wellness at its core with Brandi, a vital part of our wellness community at Buddha Bella.

Services at Buddha Bella

Brandi is a remarkable individual with a transformative journey as a functional medicine woman, RN, Kambo practitioner, herbalist, and nutritional counselor. Despite battling Lyme disease for 30 years, misdiagnosed by western medicine, she uncovered the truth in 2019, embarking on a four-year healing journey. As a compassionate caregiver and registered nurse, she understands the human body and the healthcare system. Before her role as a medicine woman, Brandi excelled as a master athletic trainer, yogi, and nutritionist, empowering others in fitness and healthy eating. Her athletic background reflects discipline and endurance, inspiring others on their health journeys. Brandi's dedication extends beyond her professional and family roles; she is a beacon of inspiration in her community, sharing her knowledge and experiences to uplift others. With a profound understanding of the mind-body connection and a commitment to holistic healing, Brandi continues to be a guiding force for those seeking wellness and transformative change.


Services at Buddha Bella

ATMAN Healing Services

At Atman Healing Services, clients have access to a diverse range of transformative offerings. From the traditional Amazonian healing ritual of Kambo to personalized sessions in functional medicine, they cater to holistic wellness needs. Additionally, their spiritual awakening coaching guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and growth. Alongside these specialized services, clients can explore modalities such as Reiki energy healing, intuitive readings, sound therapy, and crystal healing for comprehensive support in their healing journey.

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Services at Buddha Bella

Skin to Spirit 

Skin to Spirit, led by Brandi, emphasizes the correlation between inner wellness and outer beauty. Through education on skincare and nutrition, she advocates for sustainable anti-aging practices, focusing on lifestyle, spirit, and nutrition. Brandi offers a range of services, from microneedling to botox, fillers, and more. You can learn more about her full range of services on her website, where her expertise meets your beauty needs with care, precision, professionalism, and dedication.

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To learn more about Brandi's services, or to schedule an appointment please send an email to or call 404-723-7227

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