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Our Story




Jason and Deborah Leader have created a platform for the community to experience group consciousness and offer various healing modalities and classes, inviting students and clients to open their hearts to new spiritual practices, and welcome health, happiness, and balance into their modern lifestyles! 

Their passion and goal are for everyone to experience a very intimate and personal internal transformation, leaving you in a state of heavenly bliss! It is our privilege and honor to facilitate and encourage you on your path to discovering your highest potential, self-awareness, feeling your best, and committing to self-love! Here at Buddha Bella, we offer a sacred & safe space for kundalini yoga, hot yoga, mantra, meditations, sound healing, ancient ceremonial rituals, healing circles, satsangs, chanting, sadhana, aromatherapy/intuitive bodywork, reiki, as well as Sunlighten sauna, cold plunge tub, and the Light stim bed. 

We also created this space for inspired visionaries, healers, teachers, and facilitators passionate about sharing and expressing their gifts to repair the damage of all the fear-based consciousness in our world. We welcome you with an open heart and open arms; together, we can raise the vibrations and elevate our consciousness; through discipline and sacred playfulness, we can awaken our abilities to rejoice in living!

“ Be the Lighthouse “ - Yogi Bhajan 

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