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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have questions? We have answers! 

Do I need to bring my own mat?

  • For any non-heated class, we do supply all the mats and props. However, we do ask that for any warm or hot classes, students bring their own yoga mat and hot yoga towel. We do have rentals if ever needed! 


Do you have mat rentals and hot yoga towels? 

  • Red mats and hot yoga towels are available for rent at $3 each. However, your first rental is complimentary. We also ask that after using a rental mat or any studio props, please wipe them down with the sanitary spray located in the Hot Shala. 


Do you have a water station?

  • Not currently, but we do sell water bottles at the front desk.


Do you have showers?

  • Yes, both restrooms in the Hot Studio have showers as well as one of the restrooms on the Buddha Bella side. 


What is the late policy for classes?

  • The deadline for entry is 5 minutes after the class starts. Please ensure you arrive within this timeframe.


How long are the classes?

  • Most of our classes have a duration of approximately 60 minutes, with the exception of Kundalini Yoga, Restorative, and Prenatal sessions, which extend to 75 minutes.

What membership options are available?


  • We provide 5, 10, and 15 class packages, along with monthly and yearly unlimited options. Opting for a 6-month contract reduces the monthly auto payment for our unlimited package from $180 to $120.


Are Prenatal classes exclusive to pregnant women only? 

  • No, these classes are inclusive of all levels and welcome birth partners, doulas, and loved ones to join. Everyone is invited to participate in this class.


Which classes do you suggest for beginners or new students?


  • All our classes are inclusive for all levels! Additionally, we offer a warm beginners' class every Monday and Thursday at noon. This slower-paced session serves as an excellent introduction to Infrared heat.


What is Infrared Heat?

  • Infrared heat is a type of radiant heat that directly warms objects and individuals without heating the surrounding air. This energy is similar to the warmth of the sun and is known for promoting relaxation, improving circulation, decreasing stress, releasing toxins, and helping with weight loss. It is very important to be hydrated before taking an Infrared Heated class. 


Do you have any new student deals or intro specials?

  • We do! Any new student can enjoy our 'One Week Unlimited Yoga' package for just $33.


What should I bring for the Sauna and Cold Plunge?

  • We offer towels for all amenities and prepare the Sauna & Cold Plunge room for your convenience before each appointment. We suggest bringing a change of clothes or loose attire to put on afterwards, water -- especially after the Infrared Sauna --  and feel free to bring any preferred shower essentials for after your session. 


What are the benefits of the LightStim Bed and Red Light Therapy?

  • The LightStim Bed harnesses the power of LED light therapy to stimulate collagen and elastin production, promoting skin rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of wrinkles or acne. This non-invasive treatment also enhances overall skin tone and texture, providing a relaxing and beneficial experience. Red Light Therapy is also beneficial for muscle soreness, inflammation, or healing from any injuries.


Where can I book classes online?

  • We use Mindbody for booking any classes, events, and amenity appointments -- and are always willing to offer assistance in linking passes and accounts. 

Do I need to check in before every class, even if Mindbody auto checks me in?

  • Yes, we always ask that students stop by the front check to either check-in on the ipad or verbally check-in with the front desk staff, or the instructor

Do you offer studio event rentals? 

  • No, we currently do not offer studio full studio event rentals. For special event requests please send an email to

Still have questions? Send us an email at

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