Our Vision

Buddha Bella is a sanctuary where our family, friends, and community can come together to rejuvenate, energize, and have a deeper understanding of maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Our healing center is here to provide peace of mind, courage to face life's challenges, meet life with confidence and grace through yoga practice and the healing services we offer.


This is a sacred space to experience self-discovery, transform holistically, and become more mindful, compassionate, and accepting.

Be part of our community and step into higher states of consciousness through meditation, clean living, wholeness, joy, and embodying your true essence. 

Deborah Leader

"I am one with God

I am a sovereign student in this modern world

I am a teacher and I serve humanity

I am a friend to all humans with no attachments

I am feminine and masculine energy

I am a mother, wife, daughter, and sister

I am a brave warrior of peace

I am the pure light within me

I am divine beauty

I am shapes and angles of colored light

I am abundant and prosperous

I am God consciousness

I am a dream

I am one with the universe

I am  passionate love

I am ancient and new

I am you

I am far and near

I am all my tears

I am fearless and strong

I am calm and wild

I am forgiveness

I am free

I am me

I am a seeker

I am knowingness

I am stillness

I am a movement

I am a reflection

I am Om

I am a Yogi

I am all

and with courage I keep flowing..."

- Sat Padmani Kaur (Deby)

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