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Buddha Bella Healing Center | Phoenix, AZ
Yoga. Wellness. Events.

Discover Buddha Bella Yoga Studio in North Phoenix: Your Haven for Rejuvenation and Holistic Well-Being

Welcome to Buddha Bella, your North Phoenix sanctuary for rejuvenation, energy, and holistic wellness. Our healing center empowers you to face life's challenges with confidence through a variety of transformative services and yoga classes.

Buddha Bella is more than just a space; it’s a hub for self-discovery, holistic transformation, and mindfulness cultivation. Join our inclusive community to explore higher states of consciousness through meditation, joy, and embracing your true self. No membership required—everyone is welcome at Buddha Bella.

Experience invigorating hot yoga, serene non-heated yoga sessions, the innovative LED Light Stim bed, cold plunge, sauna, and many other wellness practices.

Visit us today and start your journey to well-being and mindfulness at Buddha Bella.

Buddha Bella Healing Center
Deborah Leader
Founder of Buddha Bella


"I am one with God

I am a sovereign student in this modern world

I am a teacher and I serve humanity

I am a friend to all humans with no attachments

I am feminine and masculine energy

I am a mother, wife, daughter, and sister

I am a brave warrior of peace

I am the pure light within me

I am divine beauty

I am shapes and angles of colored light

I am abundant and prosperous

I am God consciousness

I am a dream

I am one with the universe

I am  passionate love

I am ancient and new

I am you

I am far and near

I am all my tears

I am fearless and strong

I am calm and wild

I am forgiveness

I am free

I am me

I am a seeker

I am knowingness

I am stillness

I am a movement

I am a reflection

I am Om

I am a Yogi

I am all

and with courage I keep flowing..."

- Sat Padmani Kaur (Deby)

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